20-30 Minute Delay

Wind is not good for filming End of the Metro, so we will be on a delay, but resume momentarily. In the meantime, here are some of history's worst wind/End of the Metro related incidents

1984 - A gust of wind from the Southwest blows over the Branch Avenue Metro station. Luckily workers and a passerby are able to put it back together before anyone notices.

2002 -An elderly man trying to enter the Shady Grove Metro is met by the mysterious ghost wind that seems to arrive whenever a train is departing. He mistakes this for a sign from a deity and commits seppuku. Luckily workers and a passerby are able to put him back together before anyone notices.

1901 - Before the invention of the electrified third rail, wind is the primary energy source for trains. A normal trip from Metro Center to Gallery Place takes four hours. One afternoon, there is no wind and riders are forced to wait for William McKinley (then Governor-General of the Philippines) to blow them through. The trip takes four-and-a-half hours.

2007 - Excessive winds at a press conference in Vienna muss up the hair of every official slated to speak. The public is horrified. To avoid a recurrance, each official agrees to shave the head of the person sitting to their left. They are: WMATA's John Catoe, Mayor Adrien Fenty, former Mayor Tony Williams (nobody even sure why he was at the event), Health Department chief Pierre Vigilance (yes, that's really his name), Deputy Mayor for Planning Neil Albert, and Cong. Eleanor Holmes Norton.

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